Visit our Data Center today. Just outside of Los Angeles OSOLABS Irvine Colocation facility offers premier Orange County California Colocation hosting

irvine data center
OSO Labs offers high quality Irvine Colocation services in Orange County California. We offer California Colocation hosting service in a perfect site for disaster recovery outside of Los Angeles in a very safe neighborhood. Some Irvine Colocation sites are not in the safest of neighborhoods and this may be a factor in deciding where you want to house and operate your server colocation. Various bandwidth providers offer presence at our Irvine Colocation not limited to XO Communications, Cox, Verizon, Level3, and more. At our Irvine Data center we can transport any bandwidth from One Wilshire via a fiber ring directly to our Orange County Colocation suite. We also offer discounted rates on transport fees to help lower the cost for any customer bandwidth solution.


OSOLabs offers various additional services at our Irvine Data Center at far more competitive rates than most data centers located in Los Angeles. Orange County Hosting has its advantages: ease of parking, quiet neighborhood, quick access to equipment, and no traffic headaches. California Colocation hosting does not need to be a headache. Many California Colocation providers in LA not only make it difficult to operate, but many have hidden fees and difficult billing departments, which burden your free time and take many months to resolve billing issues. Large carriers can take weeks to provision cross connect circuits or bandwidth, sapping your productivity, time and energy and making your organization less efficient. Loading and unloading equipment into our orange county hosting site is quick and easy due to having a lot of space and a large freight elevator capacity. Some remote hands are offered at the major LA Telcos for $175 per hour. We are able to offer the same services with additional forms of expertise at half the rate of LA based data centers at our Orange County Colocation center. Some services we offer are remote hands and equipment repair, remote IP KVM, service consulting, programming services, web site development, database services, DNS Services, systems monitoring, and more.

Please contact us for a custom quote and solution today if you are looking for a California Colocation hosting solution. Your business continuity depends on a partner in business with integrity and open policies. OSOLabs has been operating in the orange county coloation server hosting business for over 8 years. We offer free consulting to get you started with your project. Let our Irvine Colocation expertise work for you today!